Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp changes coming in response to user feedback

Nintendo has heard your feedback on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the slightly underbaked smartphone spin-off of its popular life sim series.

A forthcoming update will improve two of the app’s fiddly features: asking for help to enter the Shovelstrike Quarry without spending Leaf Tickets and the largely-forgotten Market Box.

Gardening will be getting an unspecified tune-up, while Nintendo will add new fish and bugs.

Brand new features are also on the way – a way to customise terrain at your campsite, the ability to dress up villagers in clothes you have collected, and – best of all – you’ll be able to place more than one rug at your campsite at a time.


A series of quick-fire updates have already breathed new life into the app, adding gardening gameplay, Christmas and New Year events and many more villagers. The game is currently hosting its first gardening event, with limited-time bugs, flowers and furniture rewards.

Last week, I wrote about how I was still playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and wondered if it was Nintendo’s first real stab at an early access release. It feels like today’s news is yet more evidence of that.

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